Registration FAQs

Spring 2020

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Registration FAQ

How much does it cost for the Spring 2020 season?

*If you register prior to January 3, 2020, the Early Bird discount applies reducing the fees below by $10

Pixie League-$90

Pigtail League-$120

Ponytail, Diamond and High School Leagues-$160

What are the age groups?

Pixie League-K and 1st grade

Pigtail League- 2nd and 3rd grade

Ponytail League-4th and 5th grade

Diamond League-6th and 7th grade (* Some 8th graders allowed)

High School League- 8th through 12th grades

How do I register?  This pertains to anything you register for in AGSA, whether its for the spring or fall seasons, clinics, volunteer to coach whatever.

Go to (the home page) and you will see a banner near the top of the page that reads " Registration Now Open"  Click there and you will be taken directly to the AGSA regisration site.  Or you can just click on the green "Log-in" button at the top right of the page and it will take you to the same location.  If this is the first time registering for AGSA, then you will first have to set up an account and then you can register.

What is the deadline for registration?
Early Bird registration ends on Jan 3, 2020, ending the $10 discount.

Team Placement guarantee ends Feb. 16th, see further explanation below. 

Registration for all leagues will end on March 6th - after which time registrations will only be accepted if there is room on a team and a $25 late fee will apply. The player may be placed on a wait list. 

Will you accept registrations after the deadline?
Yes, but only to the extent that teams still have openings and do not exceed their maximum size. 

I cannot afford to pay, how do I apply for a scholarship for my child to play?

Please follow the information provided on the drop-down menu under REGISTRATION INFORMATION, titled “Scholarship Application” 

What does “Guaranteed Team Placement” mean?

There are actually two components to this term:

  • You are guaranteed to be placed on an appropriate AGSA team for the upcoming season, if you register on or before the deadline date.
  • There is also an implied meaning whereby if you register by the deadline date a roster spot will be held open on a players "Home" team until the deadline is reached.

What is meant by the term "Home" team with regards to player placement in AGSA

"Home" team simply means, the team that the player was rostered on the previous Spring season.

What is meant by the term "Free Agent" in AGSA parlance?

If the girl did not play in AGSA the previous spring season, then she is considered a “Free Agent”.

A girl labeled as a “Free Agent” is available to be placed on any team by the League Commissioner, who will give priority to any stated preference that is listed by the parent when registering. However, if the player registers after the deadline, the Commissioner is no longer obligated to consider player "Preferences" when placing the player on a team.

Can I request in my "Preferences" any team or Coach that I choose?

Only if the player is considered a "Free Agent", otherwise a player is expected to return to their "Home" team from the previous Spring season.

If a team that played the previous Spring, reforms and comes back as the same team in the Fall, then a player is expected to again play on her "Home" team. Alternative preferences are generally not considered in this case.

If a team that played in the Spring does not re-form for the Fall season, then all players on the Spring roster are considered “Free Agents” for the Fall only.

However, if a team that played in the Spring and not the following Fall, but does come back and reforms the next Spring season, then that team is still considered a players “Home” team and she is expected to rejoin that team, regardless of what team she played with in the Fall.

Any team from a previous Spring season, that does not reform the following Spring is considered disbanded and all of the players are considered "Free Agents".

The Spring season is the primary season for softball with registration for Fall Ball about half that of the Spring season.

So, this often leads to teams melding together for fall ball or brand new teams forming. However, the only way to maintain continuity in the League is to have players rejoin their “Home” teams in the Spring.

Our daughter is registered, so when will we hear from a coach regarding assignment to a team and the schedule for games and practices?

Teams are set to be formed in late February and early March. If you have not heard from a coach by March 6th, contact 

When will practices and games begin? When does the season end?
Practices for all leagues will begin on March 9th– depending upon when the fields open and when your team is scheduled to practice.  You can get more information about the schedules for each league in the links at the top of this page under “Pixies” “Pigtails” “Ponytails” or “Diamonds” here on the site once the teams have been set and the season is starting to get underway. The regular season ends in early June - though this might shift a bit if there are delays and cancellations due to weather.  

A TENTATIVE schedule for the upcoming season can be found attached below. 

What times/days of the week are games and/or practices?
It depends on the player’s age and the league in which she plays. When schedules are available they will be posted on this site. Most Pixie and Pigtail league games are held at Arlington Traditional School on Saturday mornings. The other league games practice and play at various sites throughout the county – look under each league for information about fields.

My daughter is only 8 (or younger) and she has never played softball before. Will she have to try out? Will she be able to compete with the other girls?
Skill levels vary widely in the Pixies – this is a low stress league – we try to have fun and learn the basics of softball (hitting, throwing, fielding, and running bases). At this age level, the emphasis is on fun and learning the game, not competition.

What do I have to buy?
Uniforms are provided as part of your registration fee.  Shorts are part of the uniform for Pigtails and Ponytails.  It is suggested that girls playing in the Diamond League purchase softball pants - or wear sweatpants. Casual Adventure (located on Washington Blvd and an AGSA sponsor) stocks pants for girls.  Pants are also widely available at Dicks, Casual Adventure or online via Amazon. Girls will need a softball glove, but all other equipment is provided. AGSA recommends you buy a batting helmet, but it is not required.  If you buy a helmet, be sure that it has a faceguard and that it is NOCSAE approved (most helmets sold at our sponsors Dicks or Casual Adventure will meet this criteria). Team helmets will be available.  Write your name and phone number on the glove (and helmet if you buy one). Girls should wear sweatpants if it’s cold, and comfortable shoes for running (no need for cleats).  Consider purchasing a facemask (also available at Casual Adventure or Dicks or online).

My daughter hasn’t played before. How do you make up teams?
New girls are assigned by age, school and neighborhood. If you have any preferences for teammates, coaches or existing teams, let us know as soon as possible.

Which league should I sign up for?
League eligibility is determined by the age of the player on Sept. 30 of the current year, not last year, and is closely aligned with Arlington Public Schools guidelines for ages and grades. Our registration system will automatically determine which league you are eligible to participate in based upon the birthdate that you enter.  Girls who are in Kindergarten or 1st grade in the fall, normally ages 5 and 6 as of September 30, will play in the Pixie League. 2nd and 3rd graders, ages 7 and 8 in the fall, will play in Pigtail League. The Ponytail League is comprised of girls in 4th and 5th grades, roughly ages 9 and 10 in the fall. Girls in 6th grade and above, ages 11 and up in the fall, will play in the Diamond League.

Younger players who want to play up with their friends and classmates in an older league may do so only upon the recommendation of their coach and the approval of the League Commissioner. This is done on a case-by-case basis to ensure that the player is ready to move up to the higher level of competition. If your daughter is underage and you are considering moving her up to an older league, we recommend that you first contact your last season’s coaches to ask their opinion.

There is no provision for older players who want to play in a younger league. Such players must play in the league for which they are eligible. If this causes difficulty, please discuss the situation with your daughter’s coach or the League Commissioner.

How do I qualify for financial aid?
There is a simple, confidential form that you can fill out on this website - go to REGISTRATION INFORMATION on the menu on the left side and under that you will see SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION 

Where do I get a paper registration form?
We are in our 14th paperless season at AGSA. Everyone will be asked to register on-line. This is the same system we have used for the past few years.  This system will allow us to collect your registration information even if you do not want to make an on-line payment (just select "pay by check"  if you would prefer to send a check.  If you have any questions, email

I would like to sponsor my daughter’s team. What is the process?

The Sponsor Fact Sheet has all of the information that you need – you can download it under SPONSOR INFORMATION  THANK YOU!!!  You can also go directly to the AGSA Store here on the website and you can submit a sponsorship application and payment directly.

I have a special concern that this FAQ has not covered. How do I contact my league’s commissioner?
Please send an email to and it will be forwarded to the appropriate commissioner. Please include your daughter’s date of birth.

You can also contact a member of the AGSA Executive Board. Their contact info "AGSA BOARD" is listed under the left hand drop-down menu titled "AGSA Board and Bylaws"

I have yet another question about registration.
Contact our registrar, at