Ponytail League (4th & 5th Grades)

UpdatedWednesday August 25, 2021 byKris Marceca.

Welcome to the Ponytail League!

The Ponytail League is exciting and the next big step in competitive softball. Most girls are in 4th and 5th grade.

Ponytail league introduces the girls to Kid Pitching, Stealing and Playoffs!

Rules are modified to keep the game moving and to allow first-time players to learn.
- Coach pitches after 3 walks in an inning
- Stealing limited to 1 base per pitch with no stealing home
AGSA provides preseason clinics for Coaching, Pitching & Catching!
Sage/Travel players are limited to 3 to a team.

Due to Covid restrictions, each player will need to provide their own glove, helmet, and bat. Softballs are provided by the league. Two sets of Catchers gear is provided to each team. A bat and helmet will be provided to any player on request, for those in financial need. We strongly urge that pitchers and infielders wear a protective mask.

Pitchers pitch to all batters from 35′ and there are hits, walks and stealing of bases. Coaches are not allowed on the field. The Ponytail Rules are under the tab on this website.

Commissioner: Joe Kammerman
Assistant Commissioner: Tom Fatouros 

Ponytail Jersey Sizing.pdf