Covid-19 Documents

UpdatedWednesday March 10, 2021 bySteve Severn.

Covid Guidelines for Spring ’21-Points of Emphasis

  • Need to designate a Covid Manager, not a coach
  • Pre-practice/game screening of players and parents (are they sick or have they been exposed to someone who is sick, must report to AGSA)
  • Social Distancing is the priority
  • Masks worn when off the field
  • Players should not congregate at or near the entrances to the field of play*
  • Each team has a set of game balls that are used on defense.
  • Coaches and umpires must wear masks at all times.(Umpire Association has been alerted to our requirement)
  • Players wearing masks when in the field or batting is optional,
  • 3 player max in dugout (bench) others in stands or behind fence, 6 feet apart
  • Players use own helmet and bat only
  • Catchers gear not exchanged.
  • Disinfectant always available
  • Game balls disinfected between innings
  • No Loud Cheering in groups  i.e. the “Covid Circle”
  • No chewing seeds, gum or spitting
  • *In an effort to encourage social distancing, players should not congregate at or near the entrances to the field of play.
  • While on offense, only the batter and the on-deck hitter should be on the field side of the fence and only the in-the-hole hitter should be waiting near the gate to the field, but protected by the fencing.
  • All others on offense should be seated, at least six feet apart, on benches or in the bench area

AGSA COVID-19 Waiver Form (2020-06-02).pdf
AGSA Message to families-April-2020-Final Draft.pdf
AGSA Return to Play-GamesV2-Ratified-7-10-2020.pdf
AGSA Return to Play-House 8-23-20.pdf
Survey Monkey Results.pdf