Covid-19 Documents

UpdatedTuesday March 8, 2022 bySteve Severn.

-Points of Emphasis- Covid 19 Guidelines Spring 2022

  • Please use common sense to keep our children, coaches and parents safe.
  • AGSA highly recommends vaccination against COVID-19 for all participants who are eligible.
  • AGSA also highly recommends booster doses when prescribed by a doctor. Vaccination is the best way to prevent spread of COVID-19.
  • Masks that protect against COVID-19 are optional,with certain exceptions for those who have had known close contact with positive COVID-19 cases .
  •  Players may choose to wear masks in the dugout and while in the field of play if they would like.
  • It is unacceptable to mock, ridicule or criticize a player, coach or parent for their choice regarding masks.
  • Parents are encouraged to talk to their children and their coaches about their comfort leve with masking, team behavior and game play.
  • If parents would like their children to wear a mask or socially distance while participating it is up to them to enforce that with their children.
  • No parent or coach may force a player who is not their own child to wear a mask.
  • There are no limits, outside of normal capacity controls, on the number of people who may attend an AGSA game or practice.
  • Every player will be required to bring their own water, clearly labeled with the player’s name and stored in their equipment bag.Spring 2022 AGSA Guidelines link: AGSA Spring 2022 Covid Guidelines

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